Some lovely testimonials by the families of Countryside

I have never been so moved by a burial service.

Recently I was one of a small family group at the burial of our elder brother and uncle, William C Harpold Jr, at Countryside Memorial Park in La Vernia TX.   What a lovely, perfect Texas day! Here is my cemetery testimonial: We gathered in a flower-strewn field under a gnarled pine tree with grapevine twining through it, sang the old familiar and some new songs, recited scripture, poems, and tributes, and then held hands as we concluded with “Happy Trails to You.” After that, we  each took a turn tossing a shovelful of dirt onto the coffin, adding a few extra shovelfuls for our missing brothers and sisters, some having gone before. I have never been so moved by a burial service. Neil degrasse Tyson says, “just as I have dined upon flora and fauna during my lifetime, [may] my body in death be buried…so that flora and fauna can dine upon it.”  Juanita ~ Sister

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