Our partner, Palmer Cemetery Services are experts in Natural Burial.  They can provide exactly what you’ll need to create the perfect service for your Loved One.  

They can provide opening and Closing of gravesites with Tent setup, lowering device, grass and chairs, etc.

General Pricelist

Open/Close Options
Open/Close Grave (includes lowering device and/or straps)———————————– $650.00
Open/Close Monday thru Friday after 4 pm——————————————————— $975.00
Open/Close Saturday or Sunday———————————————————————– $975.00
Open/Close Saturday or Sunday after 4 pm—————————————————— $1,275.00
Tent/Chair Options
Tent with 12 Chairs—————————————————————————————– $250.00
1-6 additional Chairs can be set up underneath Tent———————————————- $12.50 per chair
Up to 12 additional Chairs can be set up around the periphery of Tent———————– $12.50 per chair
40 Chairs set up in/around Tent, and/or in 2nd Tent (if 2nd tent ordered)——————– $500.00
2nd Tent —————————————————————————————————— $350.00

Payment in Full is due at or prior to the time of service. Please make your check, cash or money order payable to Palmer Cemetery Services, place in an envelope marked “Palmer Cemetery Services” with your name on it and hand to Sunny prior to the beginning of the burial service.

Their services are coordinated through us.  Give us a call.

Palmer Cemetery Services pricelist PRINT HERE