Hand-Engraved Natural Limestone Gravemarkers are Unique, Beautiful and Custom Carved by Sunny Markham

Sunny’s hand engraved natural limestone markers start at $475. There is an additional charge of $10 for a larger pedestal stone the marker will be placed on.

Size: Approximately 17 x 12 x 3 (more or less). These are flat, natural stones of various shades, shapes and markings. The stone can be chosen by the purchaser from pictures of stones that have be selected by Sunny.

Production time approximately 4 weeks, depending on my workload and the weather. (My studio is outside.)

My process includes hand engraving the features with a Dremel tool (no sandblasting), priming and painting the features, then applying a sealant to the finished piece. To begin, I’ll send you photos of several bare stones that I’ve chosen for their beauty, stability and carvability. You choose your stone and email me exactly what you want on it. Next I’ll use Photoshop to lay out the features onto the photo marker and send you a pic. You’ll check for errors and agreeable styling, and I begin the engraving upon your approval. I will send you a photo of the finished marker at time of placement. If you like, you are most welcome to join me and place the marker yourself.

Please note that there is no concrete used to set the marker.  It is simply placed on top of a larger pedestal stone, which has been snuggled down into the soil. 

Last Name

First name, Middle name or initial

Date of Birth – Date of Death

*Three lines are included at the base price. You can have the information appear in any order you choose. If an additional short phrase and/or simple image is desired, a new price will be quoted and agreed upon.

1/2 Payment is due at time of order, with balance due prior to or at time of placement. Satisfaction guaranteed.