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Located in the San Antonio, Texas area.

Countryside Memorial Park is a green burial – a natural burial – cemetery that offers a burial alternative that allows the body to be returned to the earth and naturally recycled into new life without the use of toxic embalming fluids, metal caskets and concrete vaults.

Consider a Green Burial for your loved one.  For thousands of years, and throughout most of the world, burial customs have been used to honor the dead and heal the living.  Thee great religious traditions, which gave us our end-of-life rituals, have invited us to find solace in the fact that we are all connected to the same natural cycle of birth, death, decay, and rebirth.

Not only does a green burial help protect land, but the burial area becomes hallowed ground, restored to its natural condition and protected forever with a conservation easement.  Native plants beautify the burial sites.  Citizens who support conservation are offered a more meaningful burial option with the certainty that protected land is the ultimate legacy to leave for future generations.  Families and friends are brought closer to nature in the commemoration of their loved one’s life.

Our goal is to provide a commonsense, traditional, affordable alternative to contemporary burial—a choice that respects you, your loved ones, and the environment for future generations.

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